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Fabric Cell

Fabric Cell

kr 849,00 Vanlig pris
kr 509,40Salgspris
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Produsentens beskrivelse og spesifikasjoner:


Fabric have revolutionised saddle design with the Cell. Unique air-sprung technology distributes weight evenly across the saddle providing unbeatable comfort for all day riding.

Fabric’s unique Hex-air cells create the most supportive saddle on the market. Each cell compresses individually to maximise comfort at all times and keep its shape throughout the life of the saddle.


  • Unrivalled all day comfort 
  • Unique airsprung technology 
  • Full length maximum support 
  • Extra wide for maximum comfort



  • Width: 155mm
  • Length: 282mm
  • Upper: Water proof TPU rubber
  • Core: Unique Hex-Air cells
  • Base: Nylon flex
  • Rails: cro-mo
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