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Does Age Reflect Intelligence?

Does age reflect Intelligence? Are we still living by the social stereotype that the young are dim-witted and dull? In any case, what do we see when we look at how old someone is? With age we see experience, and with experience we see authority. Therefore one is forced to conclude that people are more convinced by older writers due to their credibility on the subject.


However, what if a particularly young writer were to write blog posts that reflected knowledge on the subject. Would you ignore his age and simply see that he is a credible and knowledgeable person on the subject? Or would you look at him in disgust and convince yourself that he isn’t smart enough to tell you about that topic?

As much as most would like to believe in their own ethics and moral, many of my readers were shocked at the fact of how young I am and were sending me hate-mail complaining of how I was a “stupid fucking kid.”

First of all, I’m not stupid. Second, after delving into my log files I found that this guy was a daily reader of my blog. So why then did he proceed to hate me when he found out my age? I can see how people use age as a measure of education, but how can you ignore countless examples of professionalism which prove otherwise? So how then does my age suddenly change any credibility I’ve built for myself?

Have you had any particular experiences with blogging that related to your age? Did people treat you differently due to your age? In particular, have any other young writers had the same above stated problem?

If You Don’t Use Wordpress

1. Go to and enter in your domain name and the site will scan your domain and all of it’s pages and sub-directories.

2. According to once done it will go to a page where you can download your finished sitemap in a variety of formats. I personally used an uncompressed xml file, but you can choose a different file type depending on your situation.

3. Go to your host and access the root folder of your site and then click on public html. If you do not have a public html check to see if you have a www folder as the later has been created to simplify things for newer Internet-users who make otherwise have been confused.

4. Upload your sitemap to the Public Html folder (or the WWW).

5. Go to your Google Webmaster’saccount and specify the url of the sitemap. According to if you installed it in your public html folder it would most likely be ( with the exception of the .com being whatever subnet you use. Next time Google tries to index your page it will also spy on the sitemap and therefore more efficiently integrate your site into it’s search rankings.

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