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Ip Ching’s long and varied career as a martial arts fighter can be divided into three main periods. The first decade was devoted to the study of the Chinese forms—the whole of Wing Chun. Ip thought he understood them all. Not true. In fact, he knew nothing about Wing Chun, and so never had a chance to study it. Even so, he chose to speak about Wing Chun in terms of what it said about the theory of their forms, not about his own past experience. The second decade was spent largely on other styles, particularly those found in the United States, though this did not always stop him from making references to his Wing Chun knowledge. The theory he came to developed was that because the Chinese had no specific style for use against the more sophisticated fight techniques found in the West, Wing Chun had to be learned as the art of hard knuckle, shoulder and foot thrusting. When Ip was in his early fifties, he found that the techniques he had learned so diligently for almost two decades were becoming more and more dated. There was an immediate need to update the system—which he did without any thought of personal honour, prestige or academic reputation. Within two years he had developed a whole new system, which he called the New Wing Chun. At the same time he made it absolutely clear that the old system was the true one. This took a lot of courage, and Ip’s subsequent career showed that he would only demonstrate and teach what he believed to be genuine. We owe a great debt to the self-effacing Ip and his system to the fact that there is one thing that no one has ever been able to copy or copycat. It’s the old five inch soft hand. Ip found a way of using it. No one else has ever understood the whole of the system, nor has anyone really understood the technique of the soft hand. The third period began when Ip became a student of the Shaolin style of kung fu. This was an entirely new and refreshing experience. Ip finally understood why he was doing what he was doing. He stopped fighting. He began to work with the Shaolin Masters, and he learned from them how to teach them Wing Chun. For the rest of his life he would encourage new students to attend classes in the Shaolin style so they could learn the five inch soft hand. One of his students was the famous Bruce Lee.




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Watch Ip Man 3 Online Free English Dubbed No Downloads halcail

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